Plastic Material

A few days ago, BASF SE previewed the innovation that would be displayed in the Chinaplas2013.

The innovation includes a concept refrigerator made of BASF Ultramid resin and a new-type eco-friendly pigment.

The president of BASF SE and the chairman of greater China Albert Heuser announced the plastic innovation has great market potential and it can be helpful for China to face the challenges at present time, such as the resource protection, the improvement of food safety and nutrition and the quality of life. He made a speech in the press conference held in Shanghai last week. This press conference previewed the innovation that would be displayed on the Chinaplas in Guangzhou.

The international senior vice president of BASF SE Zheng Daqing announced he hoped to expand the applied range of these technologies continuously and make them accepted by many people.

Other new-type red and yellow pigment Paliotol Yellow K 1750 will be displayed in Chinaplas 2013.

Andy Postlethwaite, the senior vice president of BASF in APAC in solution of high performance material, engineering plastics and polyurethane, explained: “in the past, this kind of color effect can only be achieved with the pigment that has heavy metal in it. And this limits the usage of this color in toys and other applications. At present, we use secure materials to replace toxic materials and this is very important to plastic industry.”

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