How To Choose A Mold Design Tutorial

Considering how many mold design engineers there are, it is quite surprising that only a few quality injection mold design tutorials are available.
Some courses are very comprehensive and very expensive as well. For the serious engineer this can be a great option, but for a mold designer who is just getting started, or who wants to learn the profession, this type of course is just too much; read on… Features Of A Good Mold Design Tutorial

Many tutorials are short, piecemeal courses that only cover the most basic elements. This is great for general knowledge, but falls short for somebody desiring to learn how to design plastic injection molds for a living.

A good injection mold design tutorial will start with the basics and progress logically through each aspect of the design process. However, it will not digress into overly technical discussions that may be interesting, but do not really contribute to the immediate learning needs.

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