Essentials For Injection Mold Design

Here are some essentials for a quality plastic injection mold design

Good Parts Begin With A Good Injection Mold Design

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Plastic injection molding is the benefactor of a multitude of advantages. In large runs, molding is much cheaper than machining the parts individually. The manufacturing speed is also much faster.
It is also important to know that when designing a part that will be molded – there will be some special considerations that will need to be applied

Plastic injection molded parts are created by injecting liquid plastics into mold cavities. This liquid is also injected over cores, which means they require draft in order to release from the mold.

Draft is the term used to describe the amount of taper on the vertical walls of the plastic part. Without draft, a part will either not eject from the mold – or it will sustain damage during ejection. Typically, draft angles between 1° and 2° are required. These also vary depending on part restrictions and specifications.