Injection Molding Tooling Cost

Understanding Injection Molding Tooling Cost: Factors, Estimation, and Cost-Saving Strategies Introduction: Injection molding tooling cost plays a crucial role in the overall expenses of an injection molding project. As a manufacturing process widely used for producing plastic parts, injection molding relies on specialized tooling to shape the molten material. Understanding the factors that influence tooling… Continue reading Injection Molding Tooling Cost


The Ultimate Guide to Cast Aluminum Dutch Ovens: Benefits, Uses, and Maintenance When it comes to versatile and durable cookware, a cast aluminum Dutch oven stands out as a top choice. With its unique properties and exceptional heat distribution, this kitchen essential has become a favorite among home cooks and professional chefs alike. In this… Continue reading Untitled

Plastic Material

A few days ago, BASF SE previewed the innovation that would be displayed in the Chinaplas2013. The innovation includes a concept refrigerator made of BASF Ultramid resin and a new-type eco-friendly pigment. The president of BASF SE and the chairman of greater China Albert Heuser announced the plastic innovation has great market potential and it… Continue reading Plastic Material

Plastic Mold Service

Our affiliate company Cornerstone Design Inc. provides accurate, professional Plastic mold designs at competitive rates with short lead times. Founded 7 years ago and supported by 60 years of experience in the Moldmaking industry, CDI utilizes the latest software to design and surface. Please click here to learn more about our Full Plastic Mold Service… Continue reading Plastic Mold Service

Plastic Mold Design

PLASTIC MOLD DESIGN-HOW TO ADD VENTS Every plastic mold design has to have vents, and learning how to add vents is an essential part of the plastic mold design process. Adding vents is an absolute must for any injection, compression or thermosetting mold. Vents are called vents because that is what they do: they allow the air… Continue reading Plastic Mold Design

Plastic Molding Design

PLASTIC MOLDING DESIGN-HOW TO DESIGN RUNNERS The plastic molding design process is complex and generally, the design is only as good as it’s weakest link. Learning how to design runners is essential to a successful plastic molding design. Sometimes, in the rush to get the plastic part designed and out on the shop floor, the runner… Continue reading Plastic Molding Design

Plastic Injection Mold Design

PLASTIC INJECTION MOLD DESIGN- HOW TO DESIGN GATES The plastic injection mold design process is a complex engineering project that involves a great deal of 3-D spatial perception, mathematics, mechanics, physics, creativity, ingenuity and common sense. No wonder there are so few qualified plastic injection mold design professionals!   One of the essential components of any mold design is… Continue reading Plastic Injection Mold Design

Injection Mould Design

HOW TO SUCCEED AT INJECTION MOULD DESIGN Working in injection mould design is a challenging job with many opportunities. While it is true that a lot of mold design has become a task that is frequently outsourced to low paying countries, for the qualified individual there are still great possibilities. Plastic injection mould design and… Continue reading Injection Mould Design

Injection Molding Design

TIPS FOR GOOD INJECTION MOLDING DESIGN Creating a good injection molding design is more than just coming up with a way to build a plastic injection molding based on a part design. There are many factors that can make or break a successful injection molding design and the knowledgeable designer should incorporate these basic rules of thumb… Continue reading Injection Molding Design