How To Choose A Mold Design Tutorial

Considering how many mold design engineers there are, it is quite surprising that only a few quality injection mold design tutorials are available. Some courses are very comprehensive and very expensive as well. For the serious engineer this can be a great option, but for a mold designer who is just getting started, or who… Continue reading How To Choose A Mold Design Tutorial

Injection Mould Design

HOW TO SUCCEED AT INJECTION MOULD DESIGN Working in injection mould design is a challenging job with many opportunities. While it is true that a lot of mold design has become a task that is frequently outsourced to low paying countries, for the qualified individual there are still great possibilities. Plastic injection mould design and… Continue reading Injection Mould Design

Mold Design Company

HOW TO FIND A GOOD MOULD DESIGN COMPANY Many plastic injection moulding facilities do not have an in-house mold designer, and thus need a good mould design company to fill the need. With so many free-lance designers and global competition, the decision making process can be rather daunting.   Here are some tried and proven ways to… Continue reading Mold Design Company